Tech News

  • TNL director Todd Richmond describes the lab to the Pardee RAND Board of Governors in 2018, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

    Tech Leaders Join Advisory Group

    Oct 23, 2019

    To help guide the development of Pardee RAND's Tech & Narrative Lab, director Todd Richmond and Pardee RAND dean Susan Marquis have assembled a veritable who's who of tech policy leaders to serve on the lab's new Advisory Group.

  • Pardee RAND Joins Network to Advance Public Interest Technology

    Mar 11, 2019

    Pardee RAND is proud to be a charter member of the Public Interest Technology University Network, a partnership of 21 colleges and universities dedicated to building the nascent field of public interest technology and growing a new generation of civic-minded technologists.

  • Can Hyperlocal Air Quality Data Improve Policy?

    Mar 1, 2019

    A Tech and Narrative Lab project funded by the Cazier Initiative has brought together a team of Pardee RAND students, faculty, and RAND staff to explore whether having access to easily intelligible localized air quality data promotes better policy and personal decisions.

  • Pavan Katkar (cohort '14) presents research on Blockchain to the Pardee RAND Board of Governors

    Pardee RAND Receives STEM Designation

    Nov 12, 2018

    Thanks to the school's new designation, international students who receive a Pardee RAND Ph.D. may now be eligible to work in the U.S. for three years before needing an H-1B visa. The Department of Homeland Security allows F-1 visa students who receive STEM degrees to apply for a 24-month extension of their visa.

  • Students Compete in (and Win!) Hackathons

    Dec 6, 2018

    Sometimes described as "invention festivals," hackathons are multi-day events in which people collaborate intensively in an effort to solve a specific problem. Many hackathons involve technology — the word being a portmanteau of "hack" and "marathon" — but teams also include designers, subject-matter experts, and others. With the launch of the Tech and Narrative Lab, Pardee RAND has taken a leap into this area by hosting its own internal events and encouraging student participation in regional competitions.

  • School Introduces Design Studio and a Tech Lab

    Feb 27, 2017

    As Pardee RAND continues to expand and reimagine the curriculum, two exciting initiatives are currently underway. The winter session saw the pilot of our first design studio course, and the spring will see the launch of a Tech Lab to serve as a hub of innovation and experimentation for both students and faculty.

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    Tech Lab Pilot Designed Solutions to Improve Civil Discourse

    Dec 7, 2017

    A key element within the blueprint of Pardee RAND for 2020 is the development of a technology lab. Nine students participated in a pilot exploring how technology can improve civil discourse. Their experience will also help inform design efforts for a full-scale lab.