Energy, Environment & Infrastructure Research

Students interested in energy, infrastructure, and the environment contribute in a variety of ways to RAND research both within the U.S. and around the globe. Student work in this area has supported research on water, transportation, and energy policy, valuation of ecosystem services, and community resilience. Additionally, each year the John and Carol Cazier Initiative for Energy and Environmental Sustainability supports students with up to $40,000 in dissertation-related funding.

Student-Faculty Research Collaborations

Through project-based research, students work with faculty mentors to obtain professional skills and tacit knowledge that courses alone cannot convey. Here are a few recent projects and their resulting research.

sun, grass, and solar panels

Cazier Initiative Promotes Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Through this initiative, students and faculty are working with external stakeholders to turbocharge research and generate new concepts, tools, and methods to improve public policy and the commercial sector.

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Aerial view of the Coronado Bridge, which connects San Diego and Coronado, at dusk

Exposure of U.S. Infrastructure to Natural Hazards

Students Lauren Kendrick and Katie Loa (both cohort '12) worked with alum Edmundo Molina-Perez ('11) and professors Jordan Fischbach ('04) and Henry Willis to measure the current exposure of infrastructure to natural hazards, and how much this could increase due to climate change.

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Faculty Mentors

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