Methods Centers at Pardee RAND

The development and application of innovative methodologies has long been a hallmark of RAND research. Today, RAND and Pardee RAND are building on this history of innovation. The Methods Centers at Pardee RAND are an investment in the type of methodological and analytic innovation the policy community needs. Drawing on the expertise of more than 1,000 world-class researchers, faculty, and students, the Methods Centers organize RAND's diverse base of expertise around a set of interlocking and leading-edge analytic domains to create the next generation of research methods and tools.

Explore the Methods Centers

  • Network Analysis diagram

    RAND Center for Applied Network Analysis and System Science

    The Center for Applied Network Analysis and System Science applies rigorous network research methods to pressing policy challenges. This work provides important insights about the structural, contextual, and societal factors that influence physical, human, and organizational systems.

  • Domino Effect

    RAND Center for Causal Inference

    CCI focuses on improving the use of state-of-the-art causal inference methods, which help researchers understand relationships between causes and effects. Understanding these relationships is critical in almost every policy domain, including health, labor, education, environmental studies, public safety, and national security.

  • Person walking through a maze-like landscape

    RAND Center for Decision Making under Uncertainty

    The Center for Decision Making under Uncertainty assesses the depth and breadth of uncertainty and risk levers in policy domains and research pathways. It employs multiple methodologies, including forecasting and decision support, to analyze organizational decisions in broad settings where the uncertainty is high, the risk is complex, and the implications of such decisions are long term and future oriented.

  • Map and game pieces from RAND-conducted war game

    RAND Center for Gaming

    The Center for Gaming promotes the use of games in research to improve decisionmaking across a wide range of policy areas, including urban planning, climate change, drug policy, disaster response, nuclear proliferation, and military operations.

  • Digital voice recorder, pen and paper

    RAND Center for Qualitative and Mixed Methods

    The Center for Qualitative and Mixed Methods develops and promotes tools for generating empirically based insights through exploratory data collection and analysis. Mixed methods are ideal for situations involving novel environments and foreign cultural contexts.

  • A Hadoop computer cluster of Cubieboards on Lubuntu operating system

    RAND Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis

    The Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis engages in and supports the transformation of data science at Pardee RAND and within RAND as a whole, by fostering a community of expertise on best practices for the use of large-scale data.