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Published on a bimonthly basis, each issue of Policy Insight highlights a major public policy challenge in the USA or the world, along with analysis by PRGS students and faculty that will help policy makers address these challenges.

Issue Year: 2008 | 2007


Vol.2, Issue 5
December 2008
Getting America Back on Track: U.S. Public Policy on Railroads

Vol.2, Issue 4
August 2008
The Cost-Effectiveness of Education Interventions in Poor Countries

Vol.2, Issue 3
June 2008
Caring for a Third of the World's Population: Challenges for the Health Systems of China and India

Vol.2, Issue 2
April 2008
New Engines and Fuels for Cars and Light Trucks

Vol.2, Issue 1
February 2008
China and India: Different Educational Paths Toward Prosperity


Vol.1, Issue 6
December 2007
Modernizing the Federal Government: Paying for Performance

Vol.1, Issue 5
October 2007
Shaping the Policy Priorities in Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Vol.1, Issue 4
August 2007
Polarized Politics and Policy Consequences

Vol.1, Issue 3
June 2007
Making Liberia Safe Through Comprehensive Security-Sector Reform

Vol.1, Issue 2
April 2007
Ideas for Policymakers
Enhancing the Impact of Think Tanks

Vol.1, Issue 1
February 2007
Leading the Executive Branch
Strategies and Options for Achieving Success

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