The Pardee Global Human Progress Initiative

Offering Bold New Ideas for Socioeconomic Development and Developing Countries

The Pardee Initiative for Global Human Progress is a new approach to the chronic problems faced by the developing world. We don't think the answer lies in more basic research. Instead, we focus on topics where evidence is available and where there are motivated and active groups working to use that evidence to improve conditions on the ground. We work in areas where what's needed is experimentation, collaboration, and implementation.

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Latest Commentaries

  • Vials with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine labels, March 19, 2021, photo by Dado Ruvic/Reuters

    Vaccine Patents Debate Risks Becoming a Sideshow

    As COVID-19 cases continue to surge around the world, the debate is raging over whether patents on existing vaccines should be waived. But the global community could view patent waivers as just one of many available tools for speeding up vaccine delivery worldwide.

  • Workers stand near the first shipment of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine delivered under the COVAX scheme, at Benito Juarez's International Airport in Mexico City, Mexico, April 22, 2021, photo by Henry Romero/Reuters

    America Could Do More to Get the World Vaccinated

    After waging its own withering battle with COVID-19, the United States appears to be coming to grips with the pandemic and its economy is recovering. Now could be the time for America to play a greater role in global vaccination, both out of generosity and self-interest.

  • Figure looks down on another figure from a higher stack of blocks, photo by francescoch/Getty Images

    Shared Prosperity: The Crying Need for Inclusive Globalization

    The disaffection of a wide swath of the American population has been linked to the political polarization of the country, as well as its divisive tendencies, writes Prof. Krishna Kumar. While globalization is not the only reason for this disaffection, it is an apt lens through which to view the revolt against elitism, expertise, and changing demographics.