The Pardee Global Human Progress Initiative

Offering Bold New Ideas for Economic Development and Developing Countries

The Pardee Initiative for Global Human Progress is a new approach to the chronic problems faced by the developing world. We don't think the answer lies in more basic research. Instead, we focus on topics where evidence is available and where there are motivated and active groups working to use that evidence to improve conditions on the ground. We work in areas where what's needed is experimentation, collaboration, and implementation.

The video above describes one of our current efforts, to increase the use of native grains in Africa and increase food security. Learn more about the project »

Offering Bold Ideas for the World's Big Issues

An evening cityscape of Kathmandu, Nepal
Children in Ecuador waiting in meal line

The problems the developing world faces now, and will face in the near future, often feel overwhelming.

With limited resources, an exploding population, and the threat of environmental and political instability, future generations in Africa and Asia face the possibility of their circumstances getting worse, not better.

Launched with a generous gift from Frederick S. Pardee in December 2013, the Global Human Progress Initiative establishes at the Pardee RAND Graduate School a multi-year program of creative and innovative approaches to improving the future human condition on a trans-regional and even global scale with a focus on Asia and Africa where the problems are greatest.

In Phase 1 the Global Human Progress Initiative will address two broad issue areas:

The Global Human Progress Initiative builds on the solid foundation of RAND's international development work in Africa and Asia and draws on the collective experience, knowledge and perspective of our people: Pardee RAND students and faculty, and RAND researchers. The Initiative will create partnerships and links with outside experts, scholars, and practitioners who are working on the toughest issues that impede the growth and development of individuals and societies around the globe.

One of our first collaborations is with the World Bank on the pressing global problem of youth unemployment. We aim to make a difference by bringing together others who share our goals, putting a body of knowledge into practice on the ground, and using technology to share our results and build lasting links between policy researchers and practitioners throughout the world. Another collaboration, with the African Centre for Economic Transformation, seeks to improve agricultural sustainability and food security in Africa through reintroduction of traditional foods (primarily grains) into African diets and agriculture

If you'd like to be updated on what we're working on, and/or participate, please join us.

The Global Human Progress Initiative includes support for:

  • Visiting scholars and practitioners
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Web-based meetings and other technology-enabled collaboration
  • Field research
  • Policy analysis training