Student Achievement & Success: Conference Presentations

Each year, Pardee RAND makes funding available for our students to support travel to professional conferences. Students are required to apply for these funds and priority is given to students who have had a paper accepted for presentation. Funds are also made available to enable students to present posters, participate in panel discussions, attend competitive workshops and seminars, or attend conferences directly related to their dissertation research. We have also made funds available to enable individual students to travel to a conference to receive an award or to appear on TV.

Funding to Support Student Conference Attendance

Fiscal Year Number of Students Supported Students Presenting at International Conferences Total Funding Allocated Average Funding per Student
2011-12 19 3 $11,157 $587
2012-13 11 3 $8,971 $816
2013-14 27 5 $14,602 $541
2014-15 17 6 $11,698 $688
2015-16 48 8 $23,464 $489