Policy Specialization at Pardee RAND

Developing Expertise in a Specific Public Policy Area

Each student completes a Policy Area Concentration, typically in a "policy area" where RAND has substantial expertise. At a minimum, those areas would include defense and national security, health, education, civil justice, regulation, labor and population, energy and environment, science and technology and economic development.

To complete the Policy Area Specialization, a student must:

  • Complete at least three substantive policy seminars (i.e., those typically offered in September), at least one related to the chosen Policy Area Specialization
    Note: Substantive Field Seminars are offered each year in the September pre-term. These seminars are designed to orient students to the research agendas within substantive fields of RAND research. Specifically, the seminars familiarize students with classic articles and books in the field, stimulate review and discussion of recent articles appearing in prominent journals, and introduce students to RAND researchers and other pioneers in the substantive field.
  • Complete at least 50 days of OJT related to the substantive policy specialization, or demonstrate other experience that is at least equivalent; and
  • Complete at least one independent study with a specialist (Pardee RAND faculty member, RAND researcher or outside expert) covering topics in the chosen policy specialization.