Policy Design Studio: Sustainability

Professors: Marlier and Miro
Units: 1.0
Elective Course
Concentration: Social and Behavioral Science Science; Policy Analysis

Some of the most pressing challenges facing the globe sit at the confluence of urbanization, equality, climate change and resource management. Together these dynamics present policy makers, planners and scientists with an increasingly complex decision-making space that necessitates integrated, multidisciplinary and systems-based solutions. Across the broader Los Angeles region, water resources management exemplifies such a challenge.

This course will teach the skills and tools required to approach interdisciplinary problems through the lens of water management, scarcity and justice in Los Angeles. We will explore the physical, political, social, economic and technological perspectives surrounding water management through the expertise of local practitioners and policy makers, as well as with on-the-ground experiences. Students will apply skills learned in the fall studio and SBS I courses in a real-world setting, gaining both the depth of knowledge and set of skills required to develop pragmatic and effective policy solutions.

Students will partner with local non-profit organizations for an experiential studio project that collaboratively seeks to address a water policy challenge facing their non-profit partners, ranging from water scarcity to environmental justice concerns. Course studio projects will be presented to an expert water management panel comprised of sustainability leaders from the Los Angeles region.