Law and Policy: The Implementation of Legislation Through Public Administrative Procedure

Professor: Stanley
Units: 0.5
Elective Course
Concentration: Policy Analysis

This 5-week case study course is designed to introduce students to the interrelationship of law, regulation, and policy development in Federal agencies and departments. The course should be of interest to law students as well as Pardee RAND students.

The course will explore how laws and regulations shape policy, and will focus on four areas: health, foreign policy, communications and media, and financial services. Each week, students will explore a different aspect of agency policy development, first through readings and classroom discussion, and then from an interactive lecture with an expert in that policy area.

Guest lecturers include a former U.S. Ambassador, a former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, the Director of Global Health Policy for Intel Corporation, and a lawyer who is a widely published financial services expert. Each lecturer will explain how the rule-making and policy development process works in her policy area, using a case study derived from actual experience.