Courses and Studios

Students work on a policy game in class

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Pardee RAND students undertake an interdisciplinary core curriculum that covers policy analysis, quantitative analysis, economics, and social and behavioral sciences. They also integrate their studies through policy design studios and choose 8 units of electives in subject matter and methodological areas of interest.

Course selection is subject to change and some elective courses are not offered every year.

Core Courses & Policy Design Studios

Policy Analysis

Quantitative Analysis


Social and Behavioral Science

Policy Design Studios

Optional Preparatory Course

Elective Courses

After completing their core courses, students may choose whatever electives they wish, for a total of eight units. Some choose to demonstrate mastery of a set of analytic research tools by completing a concentration in Economics, Quantitative Analysis, or Social and Behavioral Sciences. These students complete at least five units of elective courses in their chosen area.

Elective courses are generally taken during the second or third years of study. Most elective courses are therefore offered on a biennial basis (once every two years). Offerings are subject to change. Some elective courses fulfill the requirements for more than one Analytic Concentration.

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