Program Curriculum

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Students work on a policy game in class

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

Pardee RAND Ph.D. students follow a rigorous, interdisciplinary program curriculum. The required courses are designed to provide students with a broad and solid base from which they can then begin to tailor their academic experience. Woven through each of the courses, and the program overall, are a focus on social justice and racial equity, communications, ethics, and a global perspective.

Elective Courses

Ph.D. students explore their particular interests and passions through a range of electives, policy design studios, and tutorials with Pardee RAND faculty and RAND research staff. They complete 9.5 units of electives (including Policy Engagement Stream requirements). Through their electives and experiential learning, students fulfill their policy specialization. Additionally, some students choose to pursue an analytic concentration.

Elective course content is demand-driven based on student interest and is updated each year. Courses are generally offered every other year and are subject to change.

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