Job Market Candidate: Pavan Katkar

Pavan Katkar has a background in quantitative policy analysis, international relations, and software engineering. These experiences enable him to excel at roles that attempt to address complex problems with a variety of quantitative, qualitative, and technological skills.

Dissertation Topic

Implications and Applications of Blockchain

This dissertation explores what kinds of policy problems blockchain may be creating and how to address them — the implications of blockchain. The applications section explores what kinds of policy problems can be addressed using blockchain technology.

Committee Members

C Richard Neu (chair); Angel O’Mahony; Philip Evans

Research & Methodological Expertise

  • Applied Network Analysis/System Science
  • Global Development
  • Health & Health Care
  • Justice & Drug Policy
  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods
  • Scalable Computing/Data Science/Big Data
  • Security & Defense
  • Technology & Innovation

Honors & Awards

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Dissertation Fellowship
  • Project Air Force Dissertation Fellowship
  • National Defense Research Institute Dissertation Fellowship