Job Market Candidate: Jakub P. Hlávka

Jakub P. Hlávka conducts research in health economics and technology policy. His dissertation studies novel outcome-based payment models for high-cost therapies, including gene therapy and specialty biologics. His project work addresses health care payment and reform, innovation and technology policy, advanced materials, international security and public-private partnerships.

Dissertation Topic

The Economics of a Cure: Assessing Innovative Payment Models for Breakthrough Pharmaceuticals

Assesses the viability of two novel payment models for high-cost drugs for both rare and common chronic diseases. Gene therapy for congestive heart failure and PCSK9 inhibitors for hypercholesterolemia are used as two cases to assess these payment designs for therapies whose cost may otherwise result in limited patient access. The dissertation draws on quantitative modeling methods, including microsimulation and Markov transition modeling, to assess the viability of outcome-based payment models and to make recommendations on their implementation by both public and private payers.

Committee Members

Soeren Mattke (chair); Sarah Nowak; Dana Goldman

Completion Date

Fall 2018

Research & Methodological Expertise

  • Applied Network Analysis/System Science
  • Causal Inference
  • Decisionmaking Under Uncertainty/RDM
  • Global Development
  • Health & Health Care
  • Labor, Population & Aging
  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods
  • Scalable Computing/Data Science/Big Data
  • Security & Defense
  • Technology & Innovation

Honors & Awards

  • Global Shaper, World Economic Forum
  • Leader of Tomorrow, St. Gallen Symposium
  • Young Leader 2017, Aspen Institute Central Europe