Job Market Candidate: Carlos Ignacio Gutierrez

Carlos Ignacio's research focuses on the intersection of technology and policy. At RAND, he has worked on projects related to autonomous vehicles, the sharing economy, and studied the effect of HIV monitoring technology on medication adherence. Prior to RAND, he worked as a project manager where he designed, evaluated and assisted in the implementation of federal policies dealing with high added-value private sector development. He has lived in nine countries and is fluent in Spanish.

Dissertation Topic

Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy: A Systematic Review

This dissertation is the first systematic review of the literature on the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on public policy. As a general purpose technology, AI is the basis for an expanding number of derivative technologies that influence our economic, social, and cultural development. Although the corpus of knowledge on the subject covers a wide breadth of policy-relevant issues, limited efforts have been undertaken to systematically examine it. To that end, this dissertation will map and synthesize trends; and highlight gaps in the literature.

Committee Members

Dave Baiocchi (chair); Nidhi Kalra; John Seely Brown; William Welser

Completion Date

Fall 2018 (anticipated)

Research & Methodological Expertise

  • Applied Network Analysis/System Science
  • Gaming
  • Qualitative & Mixed Methods
  • Security & Defense
  • Science, Technology & Innovation

Honors & Awards

  • Innovation award, RAND
  • Spotlight awards, Pardee RAND Graduate School