Career Development for Students

Alum Arthur Brooks meets with students

Alum Arthur Brooks met with students on a recent visit.

The goal of Career Services is to raise early awareness of the various career paths open to students and to provide guidance, support and assistance to students in both focusing their career planning and in obtaining jobs upon graduation.

Quite simply, our mission is to help you find a great job as you complete your tenure at Pardee RAND.

Visit the Contact Us page to learn about our staff and the student-run Career Services Advisory Committee.


During Your First Year

  • Introductory meeting with Kathryn
  • Initial Resume Review
  • Discussion of career goals
  • Suggestions for development

Throughout Your Time at Pardee RAND

  • Career Events
  • Recruiting/Info Sessions
  • Skills Workshops

As you Near Graduation and the Job Market

  • Resume Review
  • Interview Coaching
  • Job Talk Preparation
  • Referrals, Recommendations, and more
  • Evaluating Job Offers