Are you right for Pardee RAND? Is Pardee RAND right for you?

The Ideal Candidate

The mission of Pardee RAND Graduate School is to educate high-level problem solvers who will take on some of the world's toughest problems with rigor, a broad interdisciplinary perspective and a creative flair. Toward this end, Pardee RAND selects up to 25 doctoral students each year on the basis of intellectual power, creativity, and a practical bent. (Read our Student Body Profile page to learn more about our students' backgrounds.)

Pardee RAND limits admission to students who can participate full-time in its combined research-and-study program. Because the courses are taught in sequence, students must begin their study in the fall quarter.

All applicants must have completed at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, and possess superior communication, logical reasoning and quantitative skills. An advanced degree is not required. No preference is given to any particular undergraduate major or course of study. However, students must have a strong command of univariable calculus, and preferably multivariate calculus, by the time of enrollment. Coursework in statistics, economics and more advanced calculus is helpful, but not absolutely required.

Beyond their academic capabilities, Pardee RAND students share two attributes. They combine passion and discipline: a palpable passion to help change the world for the better, and the demonstrated discipline to master the intellectual tools that will help them do so.

Pardee RAND also seeks diversity in the broadest sense of the term. An important part of the graduate experience is the learning that takes place as students interact with each other, especially about different life experiences and training, cultures, and ways of thinking.

Pardee RAND Graduate School is committed to ensuring an equal opportunity workplace for all. For more information, please refer to RAND Corporation's Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Curious Whether You're an Ideal Candidate?

We encourage all prospective candidates to complete an online pre-application, as we can then advise you whether you have the appropriate qualifications for Pardee RAND ... before you invest your time into the application process.

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