Tuition & Aid: Funding Your Pardee RAND Ph.D.

Pardee RAND's mission is to train future leaders, many of whom will serve in the public sector. We keep our Ph.D. program affordable thanks to our generous donors and alumni.

Students can graduate with little or no debt if they meet the requirements of their research fellowship.

Pardee RAND 2018 Commencement Weekend

How It Works

Funding the Ph.D. is achieved through a combination of

Pardee RAND's program enables students to cover their tuition while receiving a consistent stipend for living expenses each year. The school also offers students the opportunity for subsidized housing at Pardee Commons.

Year 1: Every student receives a full-tuition scholarship for their first year. They also earn their research fellowship by conducting research at RAND—what we call experiential learning (known internally as on-the-job training, or "OJT").

Year 2: Students receive a partial-tuition scholarship for their second year. To cover the remaining tuition, they work an increasing number of OJT days and earn a larger research fellowship.

Years 3-5: In the third year, tuition is reduced and students’ research fellowship (and target number of OJT days) increases for the final time. This allows the net stipend to increase significantly.

Once students begin their dissertation, they can apply for dissertation awards to reduce the OJT requirement. These awards allow students to focus on their dissertation.

Pardee RAND Financial Support & Expenses

Year 1Year 2Years 3-5
Funding Support
Research Fellowship Earnings [1]$26,000 $54,000 $62,000
Bootcamp Participation Payment$1,000
Two-Year Tuition Scholarship $26,500 $8,650
Dissertation AwardsTBD
Tuition[2] [$26,500] [$26,500] [$16,500]
Taxes (estimated) [$2,330] [$7,987] [$10,475]
Health Insurance [3] $0 $0$0
Total Fellowship and Funding Support
Net Stipend [4]$24,670$28,163$35,025

[1] To earn the research fellowship, students are expected to work 65 OJT days their first year, 135 days their second year, and 155 days in each subsequent year. Students who work more than the required number of days to earn their fellowship can add to their earnings. For example, in the first year, working 65 days earns $26,000, but 70 days would earn $28,000, 75 days $30,000, and 80 days $32,000. Please note that additional taxes would apply.

[2] Students in years 6 or higher pay a tuition of $19,500.

[3] Pardee RAND pays the full cost of each student's health insurance coverage and also provides paid parental leave. Dependents may be included in this health insurance coverage at a subsidized rate, at the student's expense.

[4] Years 2-5 do not reflect the annual merit increase on fellowship earnings for which students typically qualify.

Financial Aid

Students needing additional assistance may apply for financial aid loans through the U.S. government's Direct Loan program. This includes Unsubsidized Stafford loans and GradPlus loans.

The current annual limit for Unsubsidized Stafford loans is $20,500 and the limit on GradPlus loans is determined by the cost of attendance. U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens may apply for these loans on an annual basis.