Dean's Welcome

Dean Susan Marquis

Welcome to Pardee RAND

Imagination. Energy. Intellect. Agility.

These are the traits of great policy leaders—and of the doctoral students, faculty, and supporters who make up the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Welcome to our school and the Pardee RAND community!

A unique educational experience

For more than four decades, the Pardee RAND Graduate School has provided a unique educational experience for a select group of students. Students arrive with exceptional credentials and drive, infusing the RAND community with new ideas and talent. Our curriculum is renowned for its rigor and breadth. Through participation on RAND's projects and access to RAND's leading research staff, Pardee RAND students develop an understanding of policy analysis that is unmatched among their counterparts at other graduate institutions. Most students work on a variety of projects during their time at RAND, giving them exposure to a range of policy areas, research methods, colleagues, and clients. By the time they graduate, most students have accumulated the equivalent of at least two years of job experience in policy analysis—in addition, of course, to their Ph.D. degrees. In addition to offering a unique educational value, this on-the-job training (OJT) also has an economic benefit: All admitted students are awarded a fellowship that is earned by working on RAND projects.

Our philosophy

But it is our philosophy—that we need not accept the world as it is—that inspires our students and faculty to train their sights on the most intractable problems of our time. Through talent, study, and the application of objective analysis, members of the Pardee RAND community are helping to design policies for peace, opportunity, and prosperity.

Our breadth

One of our central priorities is to take lessons outside of the classroom and into the field. This vision has come to life through the Pardee Initiative for Global Human Progress and the John and Carol Cazier Initiative for Environmental and Energy Sustainability. These initiatives are offering bold ideas for the world’s biggest issues. These programs provide support for student research, visiting scholars and workshops, field research, and offer students, faculty, and RAND researchers the opportunity to think and engage outside of RAND’s traditional client-sponsored work and to collaborate to improve the future of the human condition and tackle existing and emerging problems.

We offer in our coursework the opportunity to contribute to local policy problems and solutions. This time heading up their own client-oriented projects, students gain real-world experience working as a team of student analysts for a local school, government agency, or non-profit organization.

Be the answer

Every day at Pardee RAND, we call upon our students to be the answer to the challenges they see around them. If you want to make a difference, if you want to be the answer and make the world a better place, join us as part of the Pardee RAND Graduate School.