Support for the African First Ladies Fellowship Program

Support from the First Ladies for the African First Ladies Fellowship Program

Cape Verde

Office of Mrs. Barreto Pires: "We express guarantee of our total support for and interest in the African First Ladies fellowship program. All first ladies offices have to reinforce their capacities to provide answers to specific needs expressed by our people. Therefore we hope to work harmoniously with RAND Corporation and all possible development partners to develop our various programs on education of girls and mothers, HIV prevention, reproductive health and the fight against infant and maternal mortality."


Mrs. Mathato Mosisili of Lesotho pledges her support and continued commitment to the African First Ladies Initiative and the fellowship program because she believes that both "will be of great value for both first ladies and their countries as this would bring a better understanding of policies in their respective countries, and good planning in their activities. They have already initiated some contacts that have enabled us to meet and discuss our problems."


Mrs. Odinga: "It was a pleasure having an opportunity to hear the first ladies describe their work and the many challenges they have faced led to productive exchanges of ideas and development of new and lasting partnerships. Therefore, I look forward to the AFL Initiative and fellowship programs which I will personally participate in because it will ensure that sustainable programs are developed."


Mrs. Pohamba: "I am interested in and fully support the fellowship program being developed by RAND Corporation. The idea of building capacity especially for the First Ladies themselves as well as for their advisors will contribute towards the improvement in assessing problems, developing comprehensive and effective interventions plans and strategies for any projects of their choice to be implemented in their communities."

Sierra Leone

Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma: "This program has also given us First Ladies the opportunity to meet and share our work with influential people and to build the capacities of African First Ladies for their passion and commitment in complementing government's efforts. I look forward to working with the RAND Corporation in a collaborative effort in helping to build the capacity of my Office."


Mrs. Banda: "I am looking forward to the planned fellowship because the work the African First Ladies Initiative has done so far has provided us First Ladies: an opportunity to present our own work in these areas; to facilitate the development of productive, collaborative partnerships, and ultimately to help us become more effective champions and influencers of improvements to health and education in our respective countries."


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