Elements of the African First Ladies Fellowship Program

The African First Ladies Fellowhsip Program consists of the following components:

  • Initial five-day intensive workshop
  • Follow-up meetings in Africa
  • In-depth individual mentoring on a country-by-country basis
  • Summary conference with first ladies and key stakeholders

Initial Workshop

RAND and the First Ladies cosponsored the first workshop of this fellowship program in September 2010. It was attended by 12 staff and representatives from nine countries. The program was designed to enhance capacity in policy and program development as well as to develop leadership skills. Fellows are currently implementing strategies developed during this program, with close mentoring by Fellowship staff and advisors.

In-Country Programming

RAND is working directly with the First Ladies and their staff to launch or strengthen select in-country projects, issue-focused conferences, and policy recommendations.


  • Develop country- and issue-specific 'road maps' and strategies to influence specific policies and programming
  • Assist in engaging other key stakeholders, including: public sector officials, local and international NGOs, businesses and faith-based organizations
  • Help design appropriate plans for implementing, evaluating, and modifying project plans as needed


  • Initial 4-day country visits
  • Follow-up via phone, email and in-person meetings


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