Current Faculty

Molly Selvin

Molly Selvin, Professor of Policy Analysis

Ph.D. in American history, University of California, San Diego

Dr. Selvin is an adjunct professor of law at Southwestern Law School and has been on the Pardee RAND faculty for nearly 25 years. She currently teaches courses on the U.S. Constitution, how policymakers use historical evidence, and the role of the media in public policy debates. She designed a workshop for Pardee RAND's international students on American government and culture. Selvin has been awarded Fulbright fellowships and the Volcker Fellowship from Pardee RAND, which she is using to write a book to accompany her history course. She was on the staff of the Los Angeles Times from 1990 until 2008 as an editorial writer and a reporter. Before joining the Times, she spent 10 years at RAND, where she led and participated in projects on asbestos litigation, jury behavior, and civil case management. In addition, Dr. Selvin's RAND work examined education, energy, and environmental issues.