Meet the 2012 PRGS Graduates

Graduates at Commencement 2012

Our 2012 graduates include Richard Bowman, Elizabeth Brown, Myles Collins, Claudia Diaz, Diana Dunham-Scott, John Fei, Adam Gailey, Sarah Gaillot, Kenneth Grosselin, Jianhui Hu, Alexis Huynh, Florencia Jaureguiberry, Ryan Keefe, Aaron Martin, Carl Matthies, Benjamin Mundell, Sean O'Neill, Jordan Ostwald, Sarah Outcault, K. Kartika Palar, Chung Pham, Brooke Stearns Lawson, Jeffery Tanner, and Brian Weatherford. (Not pictured: Brandon Dues, Thomas Edison, Emre Erkut, Eric Jesse, Ki-Tae Park, David Schulker, Yuyan Shi, Farrukh Suvankulov, and Zhen Wang.)

Dissertations by the 2012 Graduates


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