Alumni: Life After PRGS

PRGS Alumni at 2012 Commencement

Alumni gather to celebrate Commencement Weekend 2012
(from l to r): Rick Fallon, Michael Beltramo, Florencia Jaureguiberry, Hui Wang, Mark Albrecht,
Loren Yager, Edmund Conrow, Jeffrey Wasserman, Yilmaz Argüden, Samantha Ravich, John Fei,
Bryce Mason, Diana Epstein, Yang Lu, Brian Weatherford, Bruce Wetzel, Ben Mundell, Sarah Gaillot,
Richard Bowman, Claudia Diaz, Katya Fonkych, Lindsay Daugherty, Sara Hajiamiri, Chung Pham

Visit the Commencement page to view a video of highlights from the June 2012 ceremony

Since its inception in 1970, the Pardee RAND Graduate School has graduated more than 300 PhDs. Our alumni have gone on to a wide range of jobs in government, business, non-profit institutions, and academia.

PRGS organizes alumni activities and encourages alumni to let us know of their achievements and whereabouts. This page provides a brief glimpse at some recent events and news.

  • Why Japan's Military Shift Is Necessary for South Korea

    Jul 7, 2014

    With its collective self-defense policy, Japan assumes its responsibilities to support the defense of South Korea and regional security in general, an appropriate action given the economic and other interdependencies of the regional countries, writes Pardee RAND alum Bruce Bennett (cohort '75).

  • Maxwell-Jolly Receives Alumni Leadership Award

    Jun 20, 2014

    To honor his significant contributions to the advancement of health reform and coverage expansion over a 31-year career with the State of California, David Maxwell-Jolly (cohort ’77) received the second Pardee RAND Graduate School Alumni Leadership Award on Friday, June 20, 2014, at the Commencement Weekend Celebratory Dinner.

  • High and Dry? From the Rockies to the Sierra, Water Managers Gauge Implications of Climate Change

    Apr 1, 2014

    Case studies by Pardee RAND alumni/faculty David Groves (cohort '01) and Jordan Fischbach (cohort '04), and student Evan Bloom (cohort '09), looking at the Colorado River Basin and the Sierra Nevada, show how water managers can factor climate change — and the uncertainty surrounding it — into their long-term plans.

  • Brooks Argues Conservatives Need Social Justice Agenda

    Feb 24, 2014

    AEI president and Pardee RAND alum Arthur Brooks (cohort '96) believes that conservatives need a social justice agenda of their own. In one recent commentary he argues, "The fact that many Americans continue to suffer years after the technical end of the Great Recession should offend any sense of plain justice." Columnists in the New York Times and Washington Post each discussed his call for a social justice agenda.

  • Pardee RAND Researchers Develop Framework for Change Through Accountability

    Feb 12, 2014

    To prioritize the goals, actions, and initiatives in the Department of Defense Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, 2012–2017, Pardee RAND student Abigail Haddad (cohort '09), alum Lindsay Daugherty (cohort '05), and professor Nelson Lim developed a "Framework for Change Through Accountability."

New Jobs!

  • Ruopeng An (cohort '08) accepted a tenure-track position as an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, College of Applied Health Sciences, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
  • Liz Brown (cohort '05) is consulting at Results for Development Institute (R4D) in Washington DC. "I hope to help start and build a program in developing country grassroots private sector development and entrepreneurship public policy," she writes.
  • Phoenix Do (cohort '00) recently accepted a tenure-track position as associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee — a joint appointment in Health Policy and Epidemiology at the Zilber School of Public Health. "The mission of the newly founded Zilber School is rooted in social justice, which aligns well with my research interests and personal convictions," she writes.
  • Hyun Go (cohort '04) joined the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul as a research fellow.
  • Ying Liu (cohort '04), was promoted to manager of Global Health Outcomes Research and Strategy at Allergan.
  • John Lund (cohort '84), was promoted to senior vice president, Integrated Supply Chain Management for The Walt Disney Company.
  • Chung Pham (cohort '05), is now senior research strategist at Denver Public Schools.
  • Yuyan Shi (cohort '05) is an assistant professor in the Health Policy Division, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, at the University of California, San Diego.
  • Daochi Tong (cohort '94) is director general for the Department of International Affairs at the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).
  • Anna-Marie Vilamovska (cohort '05), is the Secretary for Healthcare, Education and Science for the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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