Pardee RAND Staff

  • photo of Susan L. Marquis

    Susan L. Marquis


  • photo of Rachel Swanger

    Rachel Swanger

    Associate Dean

  • photo of Gery Ryan

    Gery Ryan

    Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

  • photo of Maggie Clay

    Maggie Clay

    Financial Aid and Budget Administrator, International Student Advisor

  • photo of Maura Krah

    Evelyn Fees

    Development Officer

  • photo of Ingred Globig

    Ingred Globig

    Administrative Assistant

  • photo of Keith Henry

    Keith Henry

    Senior Management Systems Analyst

  • photo of Stefanie Howard

    Stefanie Howard

    Director of Admissions and Academic Services

  • photo of Maura Krah

    Maura Krah

    Director of Development

  • photo of Ira Krinsky

    Ira Krinsky

    Career Services Counselor

  • photo of Mary Parker

    Mary Parker


  • photo of Jennifer Prim

    Jennifer Prim

    Executive Assistant

  • photo of Meagan Ramirez

    Meagan Ramirez

    Administrative Assistant

  • photo of Kristina Wallace

    Kristina Wallace

    Program Coordinator